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My interests are focused on lung cancer prevention and screening, the latter by means of low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) with special emphasis put on molecular biology methods, prediction models and image analysis aimed to enhance the performance of lung screening outcomes.


I earned my MD and PhD degrees from the Medical University of Silesia.

As a physician I had been shaped by my Mentor Prof. Jerzy Żmudziński, whose teacher was Prof. Kornel Gibiński, one of the creators of the Polish school of internal medicine and gastroenterology.

I had done my postdoctoral studies at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel under supervision and mentoring of Prof. Asher Shainberg.


Throughout many years my clinical Mentor has been Prof. Michael Unger from Fox Chase Cancer Center and later Thomas Jefferson University, both: Philadelphia, PA, USA.


I work at two Medical Universities (Silesia and Gdańsk) holding a Professorship in Medicine and Health Sciences.

I am an enthusiast of harnessing functional genomics (dissection of the downstream signalling pathways and employing synthetic lethality) to fighting cancer cells resistance to targeted therapy. I have long been fascinated by a multidisciplinary crossroads approach to medicine, physics and computer science. This is why I value radiomics capable of deciphering agnostic features of an image via explainable artificial intelligence. To gain an in-depth insights of the above I collaborate with 2 start-ups and prof. Przemysław Biecek from Warsaw University of Technology. Crossroads research matters.

Mariusz Adamek

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